Equestrian  - Sand Products

We offer a high quality silica sand that is used throughout the specialist equestrian profession. From horse training area and tracks to lunging and roller pits, our sand is a suitable property for these surfaces.

Our sand choice for a manage is washed fine silica sand and it compacts well and can be used on its own. The sand gives a good resilient surface for heavy to medium use and does not require a lot of maintenance, it is a professional standard sand.

Our silica sand has been used for other equestrian uses and we are able to offer other grades for specific requirements. We supply a washed sand used for lunge rings which can also be mixed with types of rubber and fiber to produce different surfaces. We also have a washed sand which is suitable for race horse training tracks.

Members of our staff are available to answer specific questions on these products and our range of silica sands.

 Past Projects include:

  • Coolmore Stud
  • Curragh Racecourse
  • Tony Martin
  • Jim Bolger
  • Kevin Pendergast
  • Henry de Broomhead
  • Jessica Harrington
  • Fairyhouse racecourse
  • Navan racecourse
  • Mallow racecourse
  • Leapordstown racecourse
  • Willie Mullins
  • Adian O'Brien
  • UCD
  • Adrian Maguire